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Keith Hudson

Pick A Dub 2LP

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Release Date: 02/12/2016

Discs: 2

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‘Pick A Dub’ showcased the enduring strength and pivotal importance of the rhythm to the development of reggae music. Keith Hudson’s complete mastery of the genre and the unqualified praise that followed its release was fully justified.

The album’s “austere sonic qualities” are awe inspiring, the superb rhythms are given full rein, unencumbered by extra effects and studio trickery. The overall effect is as mesmerising now as it was over forty years ago.

The double lp set contains bonus tracks featuring eight vocal cuts of the featured dubs including two previously unreleased tracks.


1. Pick A Dub - Keith Hudson
2. Black Heart - Keith Hudson
3. Michael Talbot Affair - Keith Hudson
4. Don't Move - Keith Hudson
5. Blood Brother - Keith Hudson
6. Dreader Than - Keith Hudson


1. In The Rain - Keith Hudson
2. Part 1-2 Dubwise - Keith Hudson
3. Black Right - Keith Hudson
4. Satia - Keith Hudson
5. I'm Alright - Keith Hudson
6. Depth Charge - Keith Hudson


1. Be Still - Keith Hudson
2. Still Water - Keith Hudson
3. In The Rain (vocal) - Keith Hudson
4. Wild Fire - Keith Hudson
5. Fight On Fight On - Keith Hudson


1. Don't Think About Me - Horace Andy
2. Addis Ababa (Place in Africa) - Delroy Wilson
3. Fat Baby - Augustus Pablo